Peter Munk, UofT & Barrick Gold: Info Session

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 7.20.50 PMWHAT: Peter Munk & UofT info session
WHERE: UofT @ OISE, 252 Bloor room 5150
WHEN: Tuesday, April 16, 6:30pm
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook event
WHY: To learn about the implications of the infamous “Munk Contract”.

The Munk Contract which established the Munk School of Global Affairs was signed in secret and not publicly available until a Freedom of Information request put out by two professors. The details turned out to be scandalous.

Find out why the U of T now houses a right-wing think tank. Find out what we mean when we say that Munk’s donation came with “strings attached”. Find out about Barrick’s history of threats to academic freedom. And find out what this all means in the bigger picture.

The event will be hosted by researcher and activist, Sakura Saunders, who will take you on a tour that starts with a contract and ends with the take over of public institutions, the repression of the truth, and corporate impunity.

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