Welcome to the Munk OUT of UofT campaign!

Last year, Peter Munk, the chairman and founder of the world’s largest gold mining company, had his foundation pledge a historic contribution of $35 million to the University of Toronto. In doing so, he created the Munk School of Global Affairs, which aims to prepare students to become global leaders and foster “a deep understanding of the broader architecture and the forces that shape the global system.”

But what are the implications of this donation? How much influence will Munk have over the University’s curriculum and bias? Who is Peter Munk and what is his company Barrick Gold’s reputation worldwide?

This website has been created to provide facts to inform these discussions. In it, you will find a profile of Peter Munk and his company, Barrick Gold, as well as an analysis of the Munk Memorandum of Agreement with UofT and an analysis of this donation within the larger context of transnational corporate impunity and the struggle for corporate accountability within Canada.

Intended to empower students with the information necessary to demand a cancellation and renegotiation of this contract, this campaign is more than a source of information, but a link to an on-going campaign to achieve that end.

To learn more and get involved, please attend…

WHAT: Munk and UofT info session
WHERE: OISE 2279, 252 Bloor, UofT Campus
WHEN: Friday, Sept 30, 4-5pm

Recommended reading/viewing to get the facts!

The petition! See our demands of the University and register your support!

The Munk Primer:  a full, 6-page Munk Primer with a 6-point, bullet-proof critique of the Munk Contract. Namely, that:

  • The Contract Was Negotiated and Approved in Secret
  • The Contract has strings attached, compromising academic integrity
  • The Donor has a Conflict of Interest in the School’s Area of Focus
  • The Donor’s company has a reputation worldwide for Human Rights Abuses and Environmental Devastation
  • The Donor has a History of Intimidating and Threatening Academics
  • The Contract demands that UofT House a Right-wing Think Tank

Peter Munk in his own words: the must see video that exposes the truth and rhetoric behind Barrick Gold. view here.

Contact: MunkOUTofUofT@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to get involved!

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