Petition and Munk Primer now online!

Please take a moment out to sign this petition against the Corporatization of the University of Toronto!

Also, spread the word! We just completed a full, 6-page Munk Primer with a 6-point, bullet-proof critique of the Munk Contract. Namely, that:

  • The Contract Was Negotiated and Approved in Secret
  • The Contract has strings attached, compromising academic integrity
  • The Donor has a Conflict of Interest in the School’s Area of Focus
  • The Donor’s company has a reputation worldwide for Human Rights Abuses and Environmental Devastation
  • The Donor has a History of Intimidating and Threatening Academics
  • The Contract demands that UofT House a Right-wing Think Tank

And if you’d rather watch a video to learn more about Peter Munk, check out this must-see viral video of Munk’s speech at Barrick’s last Annual General Meeting!

Having problems downloading the Primer? Try this link!

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10 Responses to Petition and Munk Primer now online!

  1. Masrour Zoghi says:

    Thank you for completely dismantling a university that once upon a time had some semblance of a claim to integrity.

  2. snip snip: Few of them will realize Munk’s contribution only amounts to about 20 per cent of the overall cost of establishing the new school. Indeed, since there will also be ongoing costs running the school — which taxpayers will cover — Munk’s share of the overall cost of the school will be well below 20 per cent.–excerpt-the-trouble-with-billionaires-by-linda-mcquaig-and-neil-brooks

    It would seem more accurate, then, to call it the Canadian Taxpayers School of Global Affairs, with Some Help from Peter Munk.

    Also, Munk, this total parasite on tax dollars, demanded a separate entrance to the new Centre, to be used only by the elite; the rabble will have to use the main entrance.

    snip snip: Let me also draw attention to another quirky paragraph, quietly tucked away in Schedule A, called the Space Plan. The new Munk School will be housed in a splendid building called the Heritage Mansion. This fine old pile faces Bloor Street, one of Toronto’s main thoroughfares, with side entrances on Devonshire Place. Paragraph 3 of Schedule A reads as follows: “The main entrance of the Heritage Mansion will be a formal entrance reserved only for senior staff and visitors to the School and the [Canadian International Council].” Everyone else must come and go through the Devonshire Place doors.

    Neil Desai was advisor to Harper before joining the Munk school in June 2010. Slowly neocons are entering universities. Note he is in charge of communications, which means he keeps tabs on what goes in and out.

    Neil Desai – Director, Programs and Communications
    Munk School of Global Affairs
    University of Toronto

    snip snip: the Munk donations will be paid over an extended time period, with much of the money to be paid years from now — and subject to the Munk family’s approval of the school.

    For that matter, the school’s director will be required to report annually to a board appointed by Munk “to discuss the programs, activities and initiatives of the School in greater detail.”

    This sure sounds like Munk will have influence over the school’s direction — and will indeed be able to withhold money if the school doesn’t please him.

  3. Post : Make a Mockery of Peter Munk!
    URL :
    Posted : February 16, 2011 at 7:19 pm
    Author : underminingsustainability
    Categories : Uncategorized Is it not absurd that the head of the world’s largest gold mining company could also brand a prestigious university’s Foreign Affairs School? Isn’t it a bit too ironic that a company that has a global reputation for intimidating and silencing their critics (including academics) with lawsuits is held in such high esteem at the UofT? Do we expect the Governing Council to honor a contract that was deliberately discussed and approve …d in private, especially when it contains such obvious conflicts of interest?

    Peter Munk is making a mockery of our educational system and using it to promote his own narrow and destructive interests. We need to stand up and show the Governing Council that we want nothing to do with Peter Munk or his company, Barrick Gold. We won’t let our university play the fool and ignore the dangerous precedence that the Munk Contract creates. We aren’t the fools, he is the fool!

    Come ready to make a scene. We will have props to express our outrage, with a healthy sense of the absurd.

    We will have $15 million carrots on sticks, $$$ eyeglasses, gold coffins, and plenty of plaques!

    folks are encouraged to dress as executives, students, and wolves in many different clothings! (costume is definitely not required!)

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  4. Stole this post: An interview with Professor Thakur of Waterloo University who was thrown out of his job allegedly because he wouldn’t tolerate the interference of billionaire and Waterloo benefactor Jim Balsillie of Research in Motion. He has a lot of imp things to say in this Radio Canada interview about the growing interference/role of private corporations in public universities and how this needs to be understood and appreciated better and a new regulatory framework needs to be developed. He does not rule out a law suit


    On Wednesday, January 19, 2011, over two hundred students, workers, faculty, and community members packed a room to form a General Assembly that challenges the legitimacy of the University of Toronto’s administration and Governing Council. They shared accounts of their attempts to raise serious concerns with the University, only to be met with closed doors.

    Key areas of concern range from university life to ***anti-corporatization*** to academic planning.


    Harper intimidation attacks on University Professors

    The person (or persons) behind the requests remains anonymous under Ontario law, but Mendes and Attaran are convinced that it’s part of an academic witch hunt by the governing party — part of a wider campaign to silence university voices that may be critical of the Conservatives. This hyperpartisan chill descended on the federal bureaucracy years ago — now the concern is that it’s stretching into academia as well.

    “I was stunned,” said Mendes, who said the University of Ottawa does not intend to release much of the information requested, since most of it is personal and private and therefore exempt from the disclosure requirements in the legislation.

    “I started thinking, my God, this is a McCarthy-like attempt to politically intimidate both of us,” Mendes said — a reference to the 1950s-era crusades by Senator Joe McCarthy to hunt down Communist sympathizers in the U.S. during the Cold War.–tories-accused-of-digging-up-dirt-on-liberal-profs


    Harper ‘s unelected backroom goons’ ntimidation attacks on University Professors

    Last year, at a conference of the Manning Institute, founded by the leader of the old Reform Party, Harper’s former communications director, Kory Teneycke, told a student: “If you have a teacher or examples of teachers who are trying to jam lefty philosophy down your throat, please send me an email. . . I’d love to make them famous.”–tories-accused-of-digging-up-dirt-on-liberal-profs

  5. Dianna K. Goneau Inkster says:

    As a U of T graduate (MLS 1979), I am outraged.

  6. John E. McKenzie says:

    I am not surprized at the further erosion of real democracy in our society. Whether is is in our public institutions, like education or health care, the intrusion of corporate control is ever present.
    They have a vested interest in making sure that they control the way we think or are educated; so that we then become their servants!

  7. Rosa Garrido says:

    Out of our university Peter Munk!

  8. Fritz says:

    Why can’t we all just love and accept our corporate masters?

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