Make a Mockery of Peter Munk!

WHAT: Protest and Street Theatre in front of UofT Governing Council
WHEN: Thursday, Feb 17. 3:30pm (official Governing Council meeting starts at 4:30)
WHERE: Simcoe Hall, 27 Kings College Circle, University of Toronto

Is it not absurd that the head of the world’s largest gold mining company could also brand a prestigious university’s Foreign Affairs School? Isn’t it a bit too ironic that a company that has a global reputation for intimidating and silencing their critics (including academics) with lawsuits is held in such high esteem at the UofT? Do we expect the Governing Council to honor a contract that was deliberately discussed and approved in private, especially when it contains such obvious conflicts of interest?

Peter Munk is making a mockery of our educational system and using it to promote his own narrow and destructive interests. We need to stand up and show the Governing Council that we want nothing to do with Peter Munk or his company, Barrick Gold. We won’t let our university play the fool and ignore the dangerous precedence that the Munk Contract creates. We aren’t the fools, he is the fool!

Come ready to make a scene. We will have props to express our outrage, with a healthy sense of the absurd.

We will have $15 million carrots on sticks, $$$ eyeglasses, gold coffins, and plenty of plaques!

folks are encouraged to dress as executives, students, and wolves in many different clothings! (costume is definitely not required!)

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