Great Minds for Whose Future?

Corporatization and Resistance, UC Berkeley to U of T

WHAT: Anti-Corporatization teach-in
WHEN: Saturday, January 22 · 10:00am – 2:30pm
WHERE: Sidney Smith Hall, University of Toronto

Event Details: Peter Munk is the founder and chairman of the world’s largest gold-mining corporation. Last year the Munk Charitable Foundation donated a large sum to the University of Toronto in order to create the Munk School of Global Affairs. In an era of chronic public underfunding of post-secondary education, universities are becoming increasingly reliant on private donations. This model of funding has changed how universities operate and how post-secondary education is conceptualized. At the University of Toronto, we are becoming increasingly concerned around issues of academic freedom and fairness in academic planning.

Financial crisis and austerity have ignited a new wave of student protest around the world, from Berkeley to London, Athens to San Juan. Our intention with this event is to empower local critical thinkers and activists to devise our plan in the fight for just education.

Join us for a panel presentation on corporatization, its effects, and resistance. Speakers include Ali Tonak, an organizer from UC Berkeley active in the campaign against British Petroleum, a speaker from the the Extractive Industries Research Group at York University, Sakura Saunders, editor of protestbarrick, as well as Paul Hamel and John Valleau, two faculty members at UofT who write about issues of corporate influence on the university.

Stay to organize around these issues. Two groups – one focusing on the de-corporatizing of UofT’s structure, and the other focusing specifically on Barrick Gold and its relationship with the university – will be developing goals, strategies and time-lines for upcoming campaigns.

Our goal is to launch the “Reclaiming the U of T” campaign on January 22.

CUPE 3902
USW 1998
Science for Peace
Protest Barrick
GSU social justice committee
Mining Injustice Solidarity Network

contact: email:


Ali Tonak. PhD Student, College of Natural Resources, University of California – Berkeley (Berkeley, CA) – Ali is a student of Igancio Chapela and one of the organizers of the Stop BP-Berkeley Campaign.

Sakura Saunders. Editor of and organizer

Paul Hamel. Director, Health Studies & Professor, University of Toronto

John Valleau. Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of Toronto.

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